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Customer Facing Communication - Sending Data Securely
Customer Facing Communication - Sending Data Securely

Tell your customers you are committing to securing their data with Traceless

Written by Gene Reich
Updated over a week ago


On _____ ( determined date ) we will start the utilizing a new data security tool called Traceless to send all sensitive data to you and your team members. The most common form of sensitive data we send are passwords for your various accounts ( Email, server, etc ).

We are really excited for these changes and look forward to providing a safer and better support experience for your technology here at ___( x company ).

When you receive a Trace ( Traceless Link ), the URL will have in it. Here is an example Trace:

Please note that each link has a specific timeframe until it expires. Once it expires or is viewed ( whichever comes first ), the data will be deleted, thus ensuring that your sensitive information is never stored on any server, etc.

Other things to note:

- We will not be saving your account passwords in our systems so please make sure to take note ( not a Stickie Note! )

- If you need help with storing multiple account passwords securely, please inquire to speak further about password management best practices.

- You can only view the data in the links once.

If you have any questions about this upcoming transition, please let us know at

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