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Upgrading Traceless for in Project Tickets (Legacy)
Upgrading Traceless for in Project Tickets (Legacy)

If you integrated ConnectWise Manage prior to Feb 12, 2022 follow this article to fix Project Ticket Pod

Written by Gene Reich
Updated over a week ago

Customers that have integrations created prior to Jan 15 2021 will need to do this step in order for Project tickets to work.

1. Log into ConnectWise and navigate to Security Roles and open your Traceless Security Role

  1. Expand ‘Project’, and locate ‘Project Tickets’

  2. Use the dropdowns to change the Add/Edit/Inquire Level from ‘None’ to ‘All’

2. Navigate to the Setup Tables -> Manage Hosted API Setup

  1. Add the following text after [cw_id]

    1. &mode=project

3. Hit Save

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