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Add/Remove Users to Traceless
Add/Remove Users to Traceless
Written by Gene Reich
Updated over a week ago

Adjust Users On Your Team

  1. Login into your Traceless account here:

  1. Once you’ve signed in, scroll down to “Manage Your Team”

  1. Select the “Your Organization” button highlighted in blue

You are now on your Traceless user navigation page.

  1. Invite new users by inputting their email and selecting “Invite”

  1. Maneuver through your contact list by email (leftmost column)

    1. Under “Status” you can view their status as a team member

      1. A user’s status may appear as “Admin”, “Owner”, “User”, or “Pending”

    2. Under “Action”, you may promote or demote your team members accordingly

    3. You may also delete users from your team altogether by selecting the orange “X” button aligned with the desired team member’s name

      1. Need to remove an existing admin user?

        1. Please contact us at

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