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Traceless App Walkthrough
Traceless App Walkthrough

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Written by Gene Reich
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Traceless is a very simple but robust tool that allows a user to send or receive sensitive data or a file leaving nothing at rest. Once t

he info has been retrieved by the recipient the data is no longer stored anywhere on our system.

Traceless User Interface -

1. Send Data / Send File Toggle Button - Please hit this button if you would like to change the type of data (between text or a file) that you need to securely send.

2. Reset Button - When you hit the reset button, a new Trace is created.

3. Help - If you hit this button you will be directed to our Help Center (Which is where are you are now).

4. Sender Email or Phone - Optional field to enter the sender information. Please note that the email or phone number in this field receives a notification once the Trace has been viewed.

5. Private Data - This is where you enter in the sensitive text data that you want to secure. In the text data view, simply type or paste your text. In the File view, you may click to upload a file, or just drag one into the box. Once a file has been uploaded, you may remove in case of error. You will not be able to use the Create button until there is data in this field.

6. Password - Optional field to enter a password to secure the Trace. Please note that there is no mechanism that will send this info to the recipient of the Trace.

7. Link Duration - All Traces have a time to live. Once this timeframe expires, the Trace is purged from our system.

8. Recipient email - Optional field to enter a recipient email for the Trace. If you have information in this field, the recipient will receive a notification of the Trace after you hit send.

9. Recipient phone - Optional field to enter a cell phone number of the recipient. Please note that you can enter this OR recipient email to determine where the notification goes.

If you enter both email and phone, Traceless will automatically secure the trace via MFA. Traceless will send a 6 digit password to the recipient phone number. While sending a notification to the email with a link to the Trace.

Please note, when you use the app this way, the optional password must be blank. If it is not, the user selected password will be used.

10. Create button - You will only be able to use this after entering in Private data or a file. If you want to create a link to receive information from another person, you will need to copy the link URL and email the link outside of Traceless.

If you want learn more on how to receive data please check out this article.

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